Sleeping Beauty

Premiere: February 17th 2010

Based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault

Recommended for children: 3-9 years old
Duration: 35 minutes

Тext and Directed by:
Zivomir Jokovic

Set Design and Puppets:
Nebojsa Jokovic

Radoslav Grajic



Nevena Brzakovic / Dubravka Djordjevic
Sleeping Beauty, General, Drummer and Fairy

Darija Nesic / Dubravka Djordjevic  
Тarana, Queen, First Minister, Nanny and Fairy

Мilos Milovanovic/ Мilomir Rakic
Prince, Raven and King

In a Kingdom, after many, many years, a little princess Rosamond was born. The king organized a festivity in the honour of his favourite. The witch Tirana spoiled everything with the prophesy that the Rosamond will prick her hand on the spindle when she turns sixteen. Two good fairies and the King try to undo the curse…


Insert from the Performance
Sleeping Beauty

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