Trotko in the puppet world

Premiere: October 1st 2014

Based on the idea by Zoran Djoric

Recommended for children: 5-9 years old
Duration: 40 minutes

Zoran Petrovic

Directed By:
Miclic Jovanovic

Director Assistant:
Milos Milovanovic

Dobrica Antic

Milos Milovanovic
Milica Redzic-Vulevic
Darija Nesic
Nevena Brzakovic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Milolir Rakic
Petar Lukic
Vladimir Djokovic


It is a collage performance and it includes some of the best scenes from the Theatre for Children repertoire.

Trotko Cvele will take you to the puppet world and give you a chance to enjoy watching your favourite characters.



Theatre for Children Kragujevac