Premiere: March 29th 2011

Recommended for: 7+ and adults
Duration: 75 minutes

John Murdoch

Set Design and Directed by:
Pierre Walter Politz

Zana Glusica

Dobrica Antic
Ivan Filipovic

Danijela Sagic

Costumes made by:
Ljiljana Kalicanin
Milica Ristovic

Supported by:
IG METALL, Deutchland
St. George, Beograd
Mona, Beograd

Milos Krstovic
Sanja Matejic / Marija Rakocevic
Petar Lukic
Marina Peric Stojanovic / Nenad Vulevic
Darija Nesic
Nevena Brzakovic
Milos Milovanovic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Мilomir Rakic
Baghdad Sultan
Leila, his unfaithful wife
Zakog, Sultan's Slave /Gamil/ Headsman
Great Vizier
Scheherazade , the older daughter
Danisa, his younger daughter
Said, Danisa's boyfriend / Soldier
Sorinda, Sultan's Second wife
Gabor / Soldier/ Headsman

The Musical "Scheherazade" is a new version of the famous story "1001 nights". It doesn't talk about individual stories like "Aladdin's Lamp" or "Sinbad the Sailor". On the contrary, it portrays the Baghdad Sultan who due to his wife's infidelity became insane. The daughter of the Vizier, sensual and smart, helps him restore his sanity.

The play sends a message, that we all need the love and that many people are afraid to love. In order to be able to love we mustn't be selfish and we have to be ready to give ourselves to someone.


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