Peter Pan

Premiere: October 1st 2015

Based on the novel by James Matthew Barry

Recommended for: 7 year olds

Adapted and directed by:
Milos Milovanovic

The design sets and costumes:
Ana Kolbjanova

Design scenography:
Ana Kolbjanova
Milos Milovanovic

Vuk Spasic

Musical arrangements:
Vuk Spasic
Aleksandar Pejcic

Graphic design:
Dejan Petrovic

Technical solution and puppet:
Ana Kolbjanova
Milos Milovanovic
Aleksandar Lekic

Set design:
Rade Krstic
Aleksandar Lekic
Mirko Djuric

Mirjana Dopudja

Petar Lukic
Milica Redzic-Vulevic
Vladimir Djokovic
Nevena Brzakovic
Milomir Rakic
Peter Pan
Wendy Darling
George Darling,
Mr. Smee, Twin
Mary Darling,
Tinker Bell, Kljunavko, Tiger Lily, Jane
Captain Hook, Vizlja

The show involved the youngest members
of the Drama Studio "Peter Pan"

Play Director:

The work on the "Peter Pan" we dealt with the theme of unconditional love and the desire to find it. Is such love really feasible, or it can sense only one person - a mother? Power unconditional maternal love is one of the most dominant motif in the novel, and the writer's name "the overwhelming emotion". Although the fairytale film stories first thing that reminds of the "Peter Pan", if we look among all these villas, pirates and lost boys, we will realize a clear message that the writer is trying to convey, and that is that we all need someone who will always love us, even when we "cheerful and innocent", and when we "somewhat selfish".


Theatre for Children Kragujevac