On White Sunday

Premiere: April 3rd 2007

Based on the idea by Slavica Mihajlovic

Recomended for children: 6+
Duration: 55 minutes

Dana Adonova

Directed by: 
Veselin Bodjev

Set Design, puppets and costume: 
Кrum Krumov

Puppet Master: 
Petar Cekurov

Puppet Asisstant: 
Neli Тomakcieva

Bora Dugic

Мusic arrangments and Sound Design: 
Nenad Milosavljevic-Bambino


Мilos Milovanovic
Draija Nesic
Nevena Brzakovic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Petar Lukic

Supported by:
City of Kragujevac

Even though in the subtitle it says that the play is based on the Serbian National Customs of White Sunday the story goes much further. It is best described in the books by Marija Todorova, especially in "Imagining Balkans" The Balkans is not geographically, nominally, historically nor culturally defined and that is why people can imagine. Todorova says that some refer to the "Imagining Balkans" and Balkanism , as a place of multiculturalism while others use it as a metaphor for post-communism and for post modernism. Music and the motions of the Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian tradition tell this love story. No one can tell with certainty what Balkans is and that is why it is the only place where stories can be told.


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On White Sunday

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