The Donkey Skin

Premiere: October 1st 2011

Recommended for children: 4-10 years old
Duration: 40 minutes

Zoran Petrovic

Directed by:
Milos Krstovic

Set design:
Dragan Grujic

Zana Glusica

Dragan Kojovic

Set Painter:
Natalija Radisavljevic

Stage Chief
and Scenography made by:

Rade Krstic

Nevena Brzakovic
Мilomir Rakic
Dubravka Djordjevic

Darija Nesic
Petar Lukic / Milos Milovanovic
Donkey Skin

Play Writer and Director:

King's love, generosity and good are not good enough to win over the heart of the Donkey Skin. They can only show it the path of self-knowledge and quest for identity. That path is filled with difficult temptations, challenges and great suffering.

On that path, the Donkey skin discovers its own good traits that will warm down Prince's cold heart.

The King's love leads to the chain of noble events. Those events result in happiness.

Love can't be bought or won by force. What is great about love, is that no matter how unfortunate and impossible it seems, in the end it always brings love.


Insert from the Performance
The Donkey Skin

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