The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Premiere: October 1st 2003

Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

Recommended for children: 5+
Duration: 45 minutes

Dramatisation and Directed by:
Todor Valov

Set Design and Puppets:
Stevka Kjuvlijeva

Music by:  
Elena Metodijeva

Petar Lukic
Мilica Redzic-Vulevic
/ Dubravka Djordjevic
Мilomir Rakic

A boy got a set of twelve tin soldiers for his birthday. When he opened the box he saw that one of the soldiers didn't have one leg. The boy placed the tin soldier, without the leg, next to the paper castle with paper figures. One of the paper figures was a ballerina with her leg up. Her leg was so high up in the air, so the tin soldier thought she didn't have a leg. As he thought they were alike, he falls in love …


Insert from the Performance
The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Theatre for Children Kragujevac