The Grasshopper and the Ants

Premiere: March 7th 2015

Based on Aesop's Fable

Recommended for: 5 year olds
Duration: 45 minutes

Milos Milovanovic

Lyrics interpreted by:
Milica Redzic-Vulevic

Directed By:
Milos Milovanovic

Stage Design and costumes:
Alina Linkova Veljkovic

Vuk Spasic

Aleksandar Lekic

Milomir Rakic
Milica Redzic-Vulevic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Darija Nesic
Nevena Brzakovic
Smarty Female Ant
Gossipy Female Ant
Old School Female Ant
Vehement Female Ant

For the most part, the performance follows the plot of Aesop's famous fable but at the same time it tells us about peoples' needs. When enjoying the material things is primary people mustn't forget that the most important things, like a smile, friendship and memories are free.

We can't experience those things, if we don't let the ones, who are at first different, into our lives.


Theatre for Children Kragujevac