Red Riding Hood and the Confused Wolf

Premiere: March 1st 2014

Recommended for children: 5-10 years old
Duration: 40 minutes

Rade Pavelkic

Directed by:
Milic Jovanovic

Stage Design and Costumes:
Alina Linkova Veljkovic

Dobrica Andric
Milos Milovanovic
Dubravka DJordjevic
Nevena Brzakovic / Darija Nesic
Milica Redzic-Vulevic
Petar Lukic / Vladimir Djokovic
Wolf Vucko
Red Riding Hood
Poodle Caca
Hunter Timotije

In this joyful, contemporary fairy tale everything is upside down and nothing like the well-known fairy tale "Red Riding Hood".

The dreams of the frivolous and curious boy, take us to the story about the wolf, ''the beast”, portrayed as a neglected and persecuted being.

In the first part of the fairy tale he is really confused as he saw himself in the character of the wolf. He is telling the story (how he came from the zoo) and he is trying to make his story sound plausible because the storytelling is nothing like the real life.



Theatre for Children Kragujevac