Christmas Carol

Premiere: December 20 th 2002

Based on the story by Charles Dickens

Recommended for: 10+ and adults
Duration: 50 minutes

Co-production: Collective Theatre, England and Theatre for Children Kragujevac

Adapted by:
Aleksandar Dundjerovic

Directed by:
Aleksandar Dundjerovic

Stage Design Idea:
Aleksandar Dundjerovic

Audio-visual design:
Mateja Ristic and Vuk Spasic

Anna Kolbianova
Мirko Babic
Мorin Brian
Djordje Djokovic
Мilos Milovanovic
Petar Lukic
Мilomir Rakic
Milica Redzic-Vulevic

Мilomir Rakic and Milica Simovic
Nevena Brzakovic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Vladimir Djokovic
Milica SImovic
Una Stefanovic
Janko Djordjevic
Ognjen Svetozarevic
Milica Vranes
Nadja Petuhov
Milena Djukic
Milica Milovic
Bob Cratchit
Fred and the merchant
Jacob Marley, Feeziwig and the merchant
Ghost of the Past Christmas
Ghost of the Present Christmas
Ghost of the Future Christmas
Bob's wife

Scrooge's fiancée, maid and the first visitor
Young Scrooge, the second visitor and the merchant


The tale is about Scrooge, a powerful, difficult and money-pinching miser. He doesn't believe in Christmas. Christmas is the Christian Holiday that celebrates the good and family love. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge was visited by three ghosts of Christmas and after that nothing was the same…

Play Director:

It was a pleasure to direct the play and work with a highly professional ensemble of the Theatre for Children and other City associates. We brought Christmas to Kragujevac.


Theatre for Children Kragujevac