Alice in Wonderland

Premiere:  October 1st 2013

Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

Recommended for children: 7+ and for adults
Duration: 60 minutes

Set Design, puppets, adapted
and directed by

Milos Milovanovic

Music and Sound Design:
Vuk Spasic

Set Painter:
Natalija Radisavljevic
Milica Redzic Vulevic
Darija Nesic
Vladimir Djokovic
Dubravka Djordjevic
Petar Lukic
Milomir Rakic
The Queen of Hearts / Mad Hatter/Mock Turtle / Duck
The King of Hearts/Маrch Hare / Caterpillar / Lory
White Rabbit / Gryphon / Pigeon / Cancer / Five
Cheshire Cat / Duchess / Dodo / Seven
The Dormouse / The Cook / The Mouse / Two

"You will hear the rustling of the grass in the breeze and the murmuring of the reed swinging at the lake. The queen's screechy voice will be replaced by the cries of the shepherds, the bellowing of the cattle by the hallow sobbing of the fake turtle. Besides the real world there is an imaginary world and each child creates his own."

The child visits the Wonderland very early. Our imagination builds the strong walls surrounding the Wonderland. But there comes the time when walls become weak and a different world goes through the cracks on the wall. The journey continues and even though the Wonderland is the favourite stop it is not the only one.


Theatre for Children Kragujevac