History Theatre

The history of puppetry started October 11th 1994, when the 1st International Puppet Festival of small forms was held. On that date, for the first time, the creators , who express the wealth of creating and use the puppetry form, gathered in the Thetare "Joakim Vuic". They were organized by The Cultural and Educational Community. The following year one more festival was held but for the next one we had to wait for five years. The next festival took place in 2012 under the name "Golden Sparkle". As the years passed, the quality increased and with it the interest of children. They needed a place where the creative work for children could be nourished.

The City Assembly of Kragujevac supported the establishing a professional Theatre for children. Finally, on June 27th 2003 The City Assembly made a decision to found "Theatre for Children Kragujevac".

From January 1st the Theatre has the status of legal entity and represents the youngest theatre of that kind in Serbia.

From the moment when it was founded the Theatre is located in the building of "Dom Sindikata". As there was a need to provide good working conditions in the Theatre the city donated the means for the adaptation.

As the donated means were only enough for the construction material the Theatre staff did all the construction work. This enthusiasm, positive attitude and dedication is present to this very day. It represents the foundation for the success the Theatre is known by.

The Theatre was completely reconstructed in 2008. It has 303 seats for the audience and an optimally equipped stage.

The Theatre participated in the prestigious festivals and high quality performances brought numerous awards. The Theatre earned a great reputation in Serbia and abroad.

By 2015 the Theatre has had 25 premieres, mostly puppetry performances. The rest of the performances are drama performances for preschool and primary school children. There are about 170 performances per year and over 40.000 visitors. The Theatre has participated in great number of festivals.

Primary activity of the Theatre for Children is the preparation and performing. The Theatre preserved the tradition of organizing The International Puppet Festival "Golden Sparkle". The number of the participants has increased over the years.

Besides "The International Puppet Festival", Theatre is organizing "Festivalcic", the festival of puppetry and drama creative work by preschool children and "Iskrica", festival of the puppetry and drama workshop by primary school children in Kragujevac.

Even though the Theatre for Children is well known for its puppet performances, since November 5th 2009 the Theatre has the evening stage "Stage 303". It is a stage for high school children and University students. When the Theatre got the evening scene the process of creating the youngest theatre was completed as planned.

Theatre for Children Kragujevac